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Auto Repair Service

Auto Repair Service

24/7 auto repair is one of the most premium service that we offer to our customers, we work consistently and continuously round the clock to meet our customer’s issues and provide them help whenever they need it. We also ensure that the repairing is done perfectly and the car is back in full health. We are able to achieve this exhaustive task because of our excellent service team.


Car Washer

Screenwash concentrate has many purposes and it is available with or without methanol. Among its uses, it helps clean the windscreen from insect debris, traffic film and dirt keeping the windscreen untainted. To survive the harsh weather of winter, it protects the windscreen from being covered in ice. It also clears salt-spray. It is rigorously tested to optimally perform at -20 degrees centigrade.
Sprayable glass cleaner does not compromise on quality, and so it is the fastest and effective way to clean glass. It is also ammonia free.
Our ammonia based tint glue remover helps to remove tinting of windows effectively and conveniently.

Car Washer

Car Cleaner

A rich content of Aerosol is used to clean glasses of cars with a degree of perfection. It works rapidly than its other variants and provides a smear free squeaky finish. A welcome addition is its non-drip formula which protects the roof from direct exposure of sunray; also it neutralizes the effect of Ammonia.

About Us

Working for the customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.  At A Grade Auto, we believe that working with the customers’ requirements can help us provide the best solutions to the customers regarding the car detailing services.

A Grade Auto is an esteemed car detailing service provider. It has been providing its services for long years. We are pledged to offering the best detailing services to our customers.

We not only work for the customers’ satisfaction but we also pay heed to save the environment. For the value of your money, you can contact us.

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